Testing the VIO POV 1.5 on CBC @ Mt. Seymour, North Vancouver

Dave, GS and I rode CBC Trail on Mt. Seymour on a nice after work evening last week. Having access to all kinds of different helmet cams at our office, I grabbed the new POV. 1.5 from VIO.  Time was limited so I wanted to use a POV camera I’m most familiar with.  Realizing I forgot the mini rail mount which comes standard with the POV 1.5 or as part of the vio mount kit, it was time to improvise.

I mounted the camera head to the side of my helmet using the c-clamp and wide flange base both of which I happened to have from the older POV. 1 camera.  Sine the c-clamp was designed for slightly larger diameter POV 1 camera head I used a little bit of duct tape to keep the camera head from rotating inside the clamp.

The below POV 1.5 helmet cam footage is edited from raw video. I used no color correction or any other magic tricks to best showcase POV’s natural abilities. Keep in mind that the video has been compressed by YouTube (the original quality is much better). 

This was my very first video I edited and being a rookie I opted out for using iMovie which proved to be a walk in the park. I’ve put this together on my ferry ride back from Vancouver Island where I tested the camera on few other trails,  more of that to come in my next blog post.

In the meantime you can see other pov videos and camera unboxings on our point of view Youtube channel.


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