VholdR ContourHD – A Wearable Camcorder For Less Than $300

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If you want a wearable camcorder and you don’t have a whole lot to spend, you might want to consider the VholdR ContourHD. You can get one of these for less than $300, and you shouldn’t look at it as a ‘cheap’ camera. There is a definite difference between cheap and inexpensive, and the VholdR ContourHD is completely aware of that. The company has become very interested, of late, in helping consumers who are struggling with the economy find a better way to get the POV camcorder that they want without breaking the bank.

It’s a great way for anyone to be able to take good video of the adventures that they go on, too, because it’s completely wearable. You don’t have to carry it around in your hand or try to tote it some other way, and it’s durable so you don’t have to worry about destroying it, either. That’s good news for people who are looking to take video of what they’re doing and show it off to their friends and their family members, because they can afford to get a good POV camera, wear it on their excursions, and bring back great footage that they can share. There are other cameras that will do that, but the VholdR ContourHD is one of the best for the price.

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