World's Smallest Digital Video Camera, the Camball!

This discreet video recorder in the size and shape of a ping pong ball, makes it possible to record movies during extreme sports, leisure activities; perfect for YouTube, for vehicle security, general sports activities, as Nanny and Baby monitor, Scuba or Sky Diving, Swimming, Climbing, Spy Camera or any other activities, this is a really good camera for secret recordings, or hands free filming as well as fast motion activities.

There are 2 versions of this camera the SG 20 and the SG 21, the only difference besides the price is that the SG 21 supports MP3 files.

  • Smaller than a Golf Ball
  • The size is smaller than a Golf Ball and packs all the features of a DVR
  • Perfect for YouTube Videos
  • Camball can capture images at 30 fps at a 320x240 resolution for movies and pictures at a 640x480 resolution.

Content:CamBall, USB A/V cable, case, neck strap holder, Software.

Additional Accessories

Vehicle mount plus charger, you can use this mount to secure fast the camera and the cable to record while charging.

Waterproof mount: This is ideal for any watersports, has a clip that you can attach to any surface.

Sportsband: wear it on your body and record while practicing any sports.

USB adaptor: with this charger you can charge the camera while recording.

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