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POV 1.5 VIO Point Of View Helmet Camera Review

POV.1.5 - The embodiment of flawless design. Rugged, Flexible and packed with Features...

For those who unwilling to sacrifice quality for price, the VIO POV 1.5 point of view helmet camera is considered by many to be the embodiment of flawless design. With a generous list of useful features as well as extreme ruggedness, the POV 1 VIO has carved out an intensely loyal portion of the helmet camera market. In this review, we'll describe the key features that have led outdoor sports enthusiasts to embrace this helmet cam. We'll also describe its unique durability and valuable SD card expandability.

The VIO POV 1.5 Feature Set

Conventional helmet-mounted recording devices are still mired in the cumbersome hodgepodge of separate pieces. The recorder, mic, connecting wires, camera, and power supply are often fragmented, forcing the owner to manage a jumble of items. By contrast, the POV.5 1 VIO is a contained system and eliminates the burden of controlling those disparate elements.

The recording device is a waterproof (up to 3 feet) DVR that weighs under 1 lb. It records directly to digital and uses progressive video technology to avoid the problems of traditional interlaced scanning. The device supports DivX MPEG-4 compression at 30 frames per second with up to a 720 x 480 resolution, ensuring that your video retains its quality during conversion.

The POV 1.5 VIO offers 2 approaches to recording: "Start & Stop" and "Loop Record." The former mode works similar to a traditional camcorder. The latter mode lets you record in continuous 3-minute loops, saving the best moments to digital storage. Also, equipped with a 98-degree wide angle lens and Infinite Focus capability, the POV 1.5 VIO offers crisp imagery and seamless hands-free operation.

The camera uses CMOS technology which allows the POV 1.5 VIO to record and store data with less power consumption than required by non-CMOS digital cameras. With a number of video settings, the camera can record video that is practically the same quality as a DVD.

High Level Durability

Despite it being lightweight, the POV 1.5 VIO is one of the most rugged helmet cameras on the market. As noted above, it is waterproof up to 3 feet. It is also shock-resistant and dust-proof. Its durability is partly due to a lack of moving parts; digital storage - using SD cards and a USB connection - has replaced traditional hard drives and related parts. So, in the event that you drop the recorder, it's unlikely to sustain any damage. The POV 1.5 VIO has also been designed so that it's nearly impossible to break a button, or crack the casing or LCD screen. The entire unit has been developed for rugged durability.

SD Card Expandability

The POV 1.5 VIO comes with a 4GB SD card that is capable of recording and storing 172 minutes (almost 3 hours) of video at the highest resolution and fps settings (720 x 480 and 30, respectively). However, the camera is expandable to an 8GB SD card which has the capacity to store up to 62 hours of video. With prices of 8GB SD cards below $50, there's no need to sacrifice storage capacity.


Of all of the Helmet Cameras Offering high-quality video, a rugged design, and easy-to-use features, the POV 1.5 VIO is one of the top-rated point of view helmet cameras available. The camera's integrated design removes the clumsy task of managing several pieces. And the waterproof, shock-resistant casing makes the POV 1.5 VIO a uniquely durable companion for most activities on land or water. If you're unwilling to sacrifice the quality of your videos and appreciate the value of a rugged construction, the POV 1.5 VIO may be the helmet camera you've been looking for.

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