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The Contour brand (formerly Twenty20 VholdR) are the makers of the highly popular ContourHD, ContourROAM, ContourGPS, and Contour+ helmet cameras.

You may have seen their highly rated reviews in Wired and gadget blogs like Gizmodo. Twenty20 was actually the name of the first camera from the company. Since then, Contour has been on a tear, rapidly introducing innovative new products like the the first HD Helmet Camera, the ContourHD; the first True 1080p HD Camera, the ContourHD 1080p for sharp, Blu-Ray quality sports videos, and their latest lineup including the ContourROAM, Contour GPS and Contour+ cameras.

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Contour is the new name for the company originally called Twenty20 who made the first helmet camera.

The VholdR, now Contour camera, originated from an undergrad project by two University of Washington business grads who were avid skiers. At that time (around 2003) helmet cameras or action cameras did not really exist. Sports enthusiasts who wanted to share the thrills and spills of their skiing adventures had no option other than duct tape video cameras to their helmets.

The Contour HD camera was one of the first helmet cameras to change all that. The innovative, award winning Contour HD and Contour GPS introduced easy one button recording in small yet rugged housing that lets you shoot in grueling and unforgiving environments that a regular video camera cannot handle.

Contour also introduced a unique single point mounting system with many inexpensive mounts so you can attach it to your helmet, snowboard, motor bike or almost any sports gear you can think of. Many Contour Accessories take advantage of this TRail mounting system.

Join the growing community of adventure sports enthusiasts who are mapping the world through their point of view with a VholdR Contour. Share your amazing adventures in the wildest locations around the world. We are passionate about adventure sports, discovering new amazing locations, and sharing our adventures with the world. Get a Contour camera and discover the excitement of making your own point of view action videos.

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