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Drift HD Ghost

The master minds at Drift have brought a wide range of impressive point of view cameras, each surpassing the last with their dedication to quality POV video. Beginning with the X170 Action Camera, Drift secured a top place as a trusted source for POV video enthusiasts seeking a way to capture their epic adventures, allowing them to put their audience right into the middle of the action.

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The X170 paved the way for Drift's next triumph in the world of POV videography, with the completely redesigned HD170. This camera maintained the same durable, rubberized, water resistant body - with a few differences, the all important being HD video and the introduction of a rechargeable lithium ion battery. These upgrades took Drift to the next level, making them a viable competitor to other leading brands on the market. But they didn't stop there, Drift moved right along with the introduction of their all new HD170 Stealth. The idea behind this camera was sparked by requests from many different angles, including consumers, military and law personnel, who desired something a little less obvious than the brightly colored HD170. The other major difference is the inclusion of an updated processing chip, which allows action sports enthusiasts of every level to capture their adventures from their point of view - in buttery smooth, slow motion HD.

The thing about Drift is that they haven't just sat on the sidelines while other companies dominated the point of view video market. Instead, they have joined the foreground, as producers of in demand products which provides action sports junkies with the equipment they need to accurately document their game - at a price that isn't hard to manage. The HD170 Stealth is an exceptional choice for a wide range of applications, like mountain biking, motocross, racing, skateboarding, skydiving… anything you want to catch from your point of view. The other great thing about Drift's cameras is their nice rubbery, water resistant coat of armor, which enables them to take a beating as well as a little mud and moisture - making Drift an ideal choice for skiing and snowboarding.

Drift has carved a niche for themselves with their HD170 and HD170 Stealth cameras, giving the people a camera that works - even under extreme conditions. If you are looking for a camera that shares your point of view - you have found it with Drift.

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