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Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Review

It’s 9:30AM on a Wednesday morning and I’m recouping from a birthday party the previous night.

I look out our office window in time to see the delivery man loaded up with a stack of boxes entering out office.. my mood instantly changes from dull to amped! I had forgotten that today is the day we get the new Drift HD 170 stealth!

I eagerly grab one of the boxes and take it back to my area.

First Impression

Same package as the previous HD170. Slide it out and the first clear difference is the color. Matt black! Nice. In my eyes this is definitely a improvement as the previous Orange color found on the HD170 made the camera very noticeable and for me that’s not exactly what I’m looking for when snowboarding.

I can feel that the Stealth has the same texture as the HD170. I’m happy there was no change there. I find this casing very durable and I am able to grip it with my bare, usually clammy hands very easily.

The Stealth has a new chip in it allowing you to shoot in 720 at 60fps! This will now allow the user to slow down their footage for those very cool slow motion shots without distorting the image. The resolution settings are, 25/30/50/60 fps in 720 mode or 25/30 in 1080p.

Looking at the contents of the box I see we have one remote, awesome. This feature alone is one of the reasons I’m so stoked on this camera. Being able to turn this bad boy on wirelessly makes things much easier when I don’t want to take my helmet or gloves off when riding.

Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Retail Box

What's in the Box:

Drift HD170 Stealth Package Contents
  1. HD170 Stealth Camera
  2. RF Remote Control with Velcro Wrist Strap
  3. Lithium Battery
  4. Universal Clip
  5. Helmet Mount
  6. Goggle Mount
  7. Handlebar Grip
  8. Head Strap
  9. Adhesive Mounting Velcro
  10. Quick Start Guide
  11. USB Cable
  12. Component Video and Audio Cable

Drift HD170 Stealth with Remote

This is what the Stealth has to offer:

  • 170° field of view with fully rotational lens
  • 1080p or 720p high definition video quality
  • Built in microphone and speaker
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Night mode for low light conditions
  • RF remote to sart/stop filming
  • Integrated 1.5" Color TFT LCD screen to view footage and preview your shot
  • 5MP photo capture with photo burst mode
  • Water proof to 1.7 meters
  • User friendly control panel in 7 languages
  • Multi-sport mounting
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 1/4”-20 tripod mount
  • 1 year manufactures warranty

You can buy the drift hd170 stealth camera here.

See our original impressions of the HD170 Stealth camera review.

I have had some awesome times using the older drift HD170...

...and now it’s time to rock out the new Stealth!

Bookmark this page for further updates this coming week for a full breakdown on the Stealth and some footage to go with it.

Mark Zealand

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