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GoPro HD Firmware Upgrade

We're excited to announce that the GoPro HD HERO firmware update V HD1.01.01.102 is now available. The new GoPro HD firmware version includes the following benefits:

Please read through the instruction page carefully to familiarize yourself with new features and how to download and install the new firmware on your HD HERO. Use the video tutorials below for further assistance.

NOTE: This Firmware is only for the HD HERO camera. If you have the HD HERO2 or HD HERO 960, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Instructions: English, Español, Français, Italiano, Deutsch, Português, 日本語
Firmware File: HD1.01.01.102

STEP 1: Firmware Download & Transfer

WATCH DEMO: Apple / MAC | Windows / PC

  1. Download the firmware.bin file to your computer
  2. Drag & Drop “firmware.bin” to the main (root) level of your SD card
  3. With the camera powered OFF, eject card from computer & insert into camera

STEP 2: Installing New Firmware on Your Camera

WATCH DEMO: How To Install Firmware

  1. While camera is OFF, hold down the SHUTTER button (top button)

    NOTE: The SHUTTER button must be pressed down for the entire installation process. Do not release until process is complete.
  2. Still holding down the SHUTTER button, press the POWER MODE button (front button) once. Camera will power on.

    While still holding SHUTTER button down, once the file counter registers the SD card, press the POWER MODE button again (3 times) until the display reads “UP”. The red light will flash for 5-10 seconds before automatically shutting itself OFF.

Congratulations, your new firmware is installed and the camera will be reset to the new firmware settings.

Firmware Features

LCD On (LCO) and LCD Off (LCF): Control the power of your LCD screen. LCD On (LCO) keeps the LCD screen on continuously while the camera is operating. LCD Off (LCO) automatically powers the LCD screen off 60 seconds after the last camera button press.

One Button Mode: One Button Mode simplifies recording video and photos with your HD HERO. With One Button Mode, your camera will start recording video or photos automatically when you power the camera 'ON' and will only stop recording when you power the camera 'OFF'. The shutter button is deactivated in One Button Mode. You can only turn the camera on and off, making it the perfect setting for loaning it to friends or newbies.

Upside Down Mode (UPd): Now you can take videos and photos with the camera mounted upside down without having to rotate the files later. In UPd, all videos and photos will be saved to your SD card right-side up.

Upside Down Mode (UPd): Now you can take videos and photos with the camera mounted upside down without having to rotate the files later. In UPd, all videos and photos will be saved to your SD card right-side up.

Live Feed Out: Display live feed SD or HD video and audio straight out of the camera to a TV, handheld viewer, or video transmitter. Allows viewing a live video signal during preview, recording, and playback of saved files.

Live Feed On-Screen Display: Display battery life, camera mode, and recording status icons on your live feed video signal with 'On Screen Display' turned on, or turn it off to transmit only the video without any status icons.

PAL 25/50 fps Support: If you live in a PAL region (most regions outside of North America) you can now record in the PAL broadcast standard of 25 / 50 fps in the following resolutions:

  • r1 WVGA 50fps
  • r2 1280x720 25fps
  • r3 1280x720 50fps
  • r4 1280x960 25fps
  • r5 1920x1080 25fps

  • Firmware Tips

    For best performance, please use only high write speed SDHC cards

    Using slower write speed cards will cause the following:

    • longer camera power up time
    • longer file saving time after recording is stopped
    • longer file deletion times
    • delay in switching modes from auto photo to delete all files

    Firmware Troubleshooting

    I can’t open the firmware file

    • you do NOT need to open the firmware file, but simply transfer it to the top level of the SD card

    The firmware update will not start (red LED does not start blinking)

    • is the firmware file in the top level of the SD card? If the firmware file is not in this level, the firmware will not be able to upload

    I lost power during the upload, and can no longer power on the camera

    • if the firmware upload was interrupted, the camera will not have a complete firmware and will no longer be able to power on. If this has happened, you will need to contact GoPro Support for further assistance.

    For more information, please refer to the GoPro HD HERO User Manual (v.2):
    English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語

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