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GoPro HERO3+

The HERO Cameras from GoPro are no strangers to action video fans. Starting with waterproof film cameras, GoPro established themselves with their first helmet camera what now seems like ages ago.

HERO cameras now come in HD! The new Gopro HD HERO cameras are rugged and waterproof and can shoot in 1080p resolution. The wide range of models & MegaPacks mean there is a HERO camera for you. Join the new breed of action sports enthusiasts by showing your unique point of view.

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  1. GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition

    GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition

    The most advanced GoPro yet. Features video resolutions up to 4K, 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi, SuperView™ and Auto Low Light modes. Waterproof to 131’/40m.

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  2. GoPro HERO4 Silver

    GoPro HERO4 Silver

    The GoPro HERO4 Silver features 1080p and 720p video, 12MP photos, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® and Protune™ for photos and video. Waterproof to 131’ (40m).

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  3. GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition

    GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition

    High-performance life capture. Features video resolutions up to 1080p60, 10MP photos up to 10 frames per second, enhanced low-light performance and built-in Wi-Fi. Waterproof to 131’/40m.

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  4. GoPro HERO3 White Edition

    GoPro HERO3 White Edition

    The HERO3: White Edition boasts the same high performance specs as the Original HD HERO camera it replaces, yet it has built-in Wi-Fi, new UI and is 30% smaller and 25% lighter.

    The HERO3: White Edition is wearable and gear mountable, waterproof to 197' (60m), and is capable of capturing 1080p 30 fps and 720p 60 fps video plus 5MP photos at a rate of 3 photos per second.

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These tiny GoPro HERO helmet cameras or point of view cameras which can be connected to sports helmets have become a hugely popular trend among action sports junkies during the last few years. GoPro HERO cameras are being used to record all sorts of activities from skiing to mountain biking, water rafting to motorsports on cars and bikes.

Sports fans can now record their own wide angle action videos just like ESPN. GoPro HERO cameras are specially designed so that they can be quickly attached or removed from helmets. This allows a totally hands free approach to videography makes it incredibly useful for all types of sports. GoPro cameras allow you to effortlessly record breathtaking videos without risking your life or ruining your form by taking your hands off your equipment.

GoPro Testimonials

This is the best sports cam I've ever used. ~ Gizmodo
...the GoPro system is an absolute steal ~ CNET
The GoPro Helmet Hero Wide is one of the most advanced helmet cams we have seen yet. ~ Popular Mechanics, January 2009

I can see GoPro completely dominating the POV market. ~ Ben DeCamp, Staff Photographer Surfer Magazine
This camera isn't just easy to use, it's addictive...the GoPro Motorsports HERO wins our nod for best all-around onboard (camera). ~ Autoweek Magazine
...after testing it for the past six months I can honestly say it's one of the coolest, handiest little cameras I've ever used. ~ Mark Anders,
Editors Choice Award - Video Camera ~ Backpacker Magazine, April 2009
2008 & 2009 Top Selling Product Award ~ Dealer News Top 100 Retailer Poll (Motorcycle Industry)

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