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Liquid Image Summit Series Snow Goggles

So here is a complete game changer.

When I first saw the Liquid Image Scuba Mask, I was impressed to say the least. Once I had calmed down from the fact Liquid Image had mounted a small HD cam smack dab in the middle of a scuba mask my first question was “When are they going to do the same thing to snow goggles?!”

Well that day has come and sitting next to my computer is a brand new box with the words XTREME SPORT CAMS along the front and sitting in that box is a pair of bad ass black on black Liquid Image Summit Series Snow Goggles!!! Yes!!

Out my office window is in the North Shore Mountains that have just been dusted with snow and it is now a blue bird day. Demo time!!!

Before I go rock these things out I’m going to give you a general overview of the Summit series straight out of the box. This is the 720p version. There is a 1080p version on the horizon, we will keep you posted on when that will be.

Power/Mode and Shutter Buttons

Liquid Image Summit Series 335 Power/Mode & Shutter Button Closeup

I’m opening the box, the first thing I notice is I can do it with just my fingers, no knife required. You would be surprised how many packages are not so bare hands friendly. The goggles have a nice weight to them. Not to heavy (0.54lbs)that makes them feel solid.

On the right side of the goggles are two good sized buttons. The bottom button is Power/Mode and the top is Shutter/Select. Looks like they should be simple to press even with gloves on.

Camera Lens and Microphone

Liquid Image Summit Series 335 Camera Lens and Microphone Closeup

The camera is located right in the middle of the goggles with a small microphone and wind guard a little to the upper right of the cam. Yes it records sound too!


On the bottom left side of the goggles is a battery compartment for the 3.7 Lithium rechargeable battery.

USB and MicroSD Card Port

I flip the goggles over and easily open the back right hand side latch with a solid “click”. There is a USB port for charging and down loading, a small reset button and a Micro SD/SDHC Card Port. The goggles come with a 4GB micro SD card but you can throw in a 32GB class 4 or better if you have the budget.

Included Lenses

The lens that is pre-installed is a anti fog Ionized lens. Nice a shinny with a mirrored look. Should be great for a sunny day. Also in the box is a second Amber lens perfect for the lower light days. On the back of the box it says you can order several other lenses as well.

Status LCD and Mode LED

On the inside of the goggles is a little LCD display. I press the power button on and with a “click” and a small “beep” the small LCD comes to life with a cool blue light on the right hand corner. The LCD displays Date and Time, battery life, and number of files. As I type this I hear a series of “beeps” and the goggles turn off again. Save the battery, cool!

I Strap the goggles on and press the record button, with a small “beep” the cool blue light is visibly blinking above my eyes to let me know I am recording. I press the modes button again and the light turns to red to let me know I am now in photo mode.

Here is what all comes in the box:

Liquid Image Summit Series 335 Package Contents
  • 335 Video Camera Goggle with Ionized Lens
  • 1 Extra Amber Lens
  • 4GB MicroSD Card
  • Micro Bag
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • USB Cable
  • RCA Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card


The Summit Series is a one size fits most. It’s snug to my face (my face is kinda on the larger side) so if you have a extra large face you may consider trimming the foam as shown in the picture.

That pretty much sums up what I can tell you so far. If this works the way it’s supposed to, The summit series is going to make a lot of people who play in the snow very happy. No more mounting the cameras to you helmet. Just throw your gear on and your ready to capture you next epic adventure.

I’m going to test the Summit out up in Whistler this weekend and I’ll give you a further in depth break down accompanied with some videos in the coming week.

One last bonus feature that I have to mention: You will be able to convert the Summit Series to a MX Goggle with the Liquid Image MX Conversion Kit (coming soon). This kit includes a Clear MX Lens (single Lens) and Nose Guard! Killer..!

Mark Zealand

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