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Fairburn 3D MultiSlate

The Fairburn 3D MultiSlate is the ultimate tool for aligning your 3D cameras. This great 3D alignment chart is also a clapper stick slate, allowing you to align your 3D cameras and signal when to start recording all in one device.

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Fairburn 3D MultiSlate

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Product Description

The 3D MultiSlate has a ton of useful features. It provides a 3D calibration and alignment chart by DSCLabs. It features an absolute center cross, as well as focus fans for best focus when zoomed in. It also has vertical and horizontal alignment references, including rotational offset alignment. The words RIGHT and LEFT are written on the proper sides to frame up the word with the camera to test all monitor feeds getting proper signal (Right Camera framed to see Center of chart and RIGHT Left Camera framed to see Center of chart and LEFT). There are several color references, including a proper color gamut hexagon for 1-1 orientation on a Vector Scope, several colors chips like an 18% gray chip on top right and left, and several flesh tone chips. There are too many features to list! If you use the MultiSlate on every shot, it gives critical information necessary to sync and align 3D footage in post production.

The front side of the MultiSlate has the standard features you’d expect on a clapper slate but also has some non-standard fields for filling out information vital to shooting digitally and more specifically, 3D. Made from a variety of Louisiana hardwoods, it has fields for inter ocular distance, convergence distance, codec, frame rate, resolution, format, type of media recorded on, and aspect ratio, along with all the standard fields included with clapper slates.
The proper way to use the slate is as follows:

  1. 1. Present front of slate sticks open.
  2. 2. Clap sticks, flip slate.
  3. 3. Present 2 seconds of back of slate 3D Alignment chart.
  4. 4. At end of every shot present back of slate with another stick clap as “Tail-sticks” to check for camera drift.


Manufacturer MIO 3D™ (Multiple InterOcular 3-D)


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