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Optrix XD Helmet Camera Mount for iPhone and iPod

Transform your iPhone into a rugged action sports video camera with the Optrix XD Wide Angle Case.

Product #: OPT-002-A

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Optrix XD Helmet Camera Mount for iPhone and iPod

Product Description

Optrix XD Wide Angle iPhone Case

With the new iPhone 4S you can shoot in full 1080p HD. With all new optics that allow more light and video stabilization to steady shaky shots, your videos will amaze you. You can even watch, edit and upload directly from the device!

Key Features:

Water Resistant

Optrix was designed to go where you go. With a water resistant case Optrix can go out and play in the rain, get dropped in a puddle or film any sport that might get messy.

Mounting With both flat and curved mounting plates attached with 3M industrial adhesive, you can mount Optrix anywhere the action takes you.

Touchscreen Membrane

With our protective touchscreen membrane, you get all the protection of Optrix and all the versatility of your apps. Our 0.5mm thick touchscreen membrane allows you to fully operate your iPhone or iPod while in the case.

See What You’re Shooting

With other POV cameras it is nearly impossible to figure out where the camera is aimed. There is nothing more frustrating than missing great footage because the camera is aimed incorrectly. With Optrix you can easily see what you’re shooting and always get the perfect shot.

Watch. Edit. Share.

Optrix is the only POV camera that allows you to playback, edit and share directly on the device. Apps like iMovie for editing or our upcoming data acquisition app (adding speed, G-force and more to your videos) makes Optrix the most powerful POV device on the market.

Video Quality:

One of the first questions people ask is, “How’s the video?” Well with the iPhone 4S you have 1080P and Apple’s own image-stabilizing software, which can all translate into an amazing picture quality.

How Do I Get The Best Picture?

When it comes to shooting amazing action video vibration is your enemy. If you want the crystal clear shots of the pros we recommend mounting in the following places:

  • Helmet
  • Chest
  • Inside Your Car

These mounting options are recommended because they cut down on vibration by using your body or your vehicle as the shock absorber.

My Video Is Wavy!

Vibration can kill even the best shot. Vibration can effect the iPhone and iPhone 4S worse than many POV cameras. To address this issue and give you the best possible shot we have the following troubleshooting list:

Q: Are you using the focus lock app?
When the iPhone 4 or 4S is exposed to vibration it can focus hunt (causing wavy video). To combat this we have developed an app you can download that will lock the focus of your iPhone and solve this problem. Focus Lock App.

Q: Do you have Optrix hard mounted to an area of large vibration?
You want to avoid mounting Optrix to any machine or equipment where it is going to get direct vibration. For example when mountain-biking, mount Optrix to your helmet and not your handlebars for the best picture.

Q: Are you using a vibration dampening mount?
We know you can’t always mount Optrix to your helmet or chest. As a solution we have developed our proprietary vibration dampening mount. By using vibration absorbing materials we are able to give you the smoothest picture possible. (coming soon!)

Optrix Apps

Optrix VideoPro

Optrix is the only action video system that can add full telemetry data right to your videos. Now you can show your speed, G-force, lap times and more. Show how hard you accelerated, how fast you went off that jump and more.

Developed for Optrix by Harald Schlangmann, the app genius behind Harry’s Lap Timer Pro, Optrix VideoPro is a seamless integration of reality and video. After using VideoPro even the best videos without data will seem boring.

Available now in the iTunes App Store

Optrix VideoSport

Focus lock your iPhone for great action videos. Shoot great action sports video with our Optrix VideoSport app. Our free app stops the iPhone’s tendency to focus hunt during action sports videos allowing you smoother, more clear video.

In addition to locking focus we allow you access to the resolution and frame rate so you can tailor your action just the way you want it.

Available now in the iTunes App Store


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