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Polar Pro Neutral Density Frame 2.0 Filter for GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4

Possibly the simplest thing to use an ND filter for is just toning down bright scenes. If it is really bright out the Neutral Density filter will reduce some of the blown out highlights and leave you will an even more crisp video.

Compatibility: HERO3+, HERO3, HERO4 naked camera

Product #: P1006

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Polar Pro Neutral Density Filter Frame 2.0 for GoPro HERO3 and HERO3+

Product Description

The Neutral Density filter is designed for filming outside of the Gopro waterproof housing, or while in the frame housing. The neutral density filter has a variety of applications. When filming in high-speed situations, the filter slows down the camera’s shutter speed, creating a high-speed motion blur. On extremely bright days, use the filter to tone down highlights. The most popular use of the Neutral Density filter is smoothing out the video when filming in high vibration applications (aireal drones). This filter fixes jello-effect by reducing the camera's shutter speed and smoothing out aireal videos. This lightweight (5.5 grams) yet durable filter pushes directly onto the camera lens with a snug, reliable fit. In addition this filter protects your exposed Gopro lens while filming outside the housing. The Frame2.0 filter works with most gimbals.

Key Features:

  • Allows Control over HERO3+/3 Shutter Speed
  • Glass Lens For Superior Scratch Resistance
  • Easy to Install/Remove
  • Perfect For Creating Blur Motion
  • 3-Stop Shutter Reduction

What's Included:

  • [1] Neutral Density Frame 2.0 Filter
  • [1] Storage Bag


MPN P1006
Manufacturer Polar Pro Filters


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