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VIO H2O Waterproof Pouch for POV Cameras

Get Underwater Extreme Action Video NOW for your VIO POV camera with the POV H2O Pouch. For waterskiing, kite surfing, cliff diving, snorkeling, and just about anything you can imagine under the sun and the surf, the POV H2O Pouch increases your protection and your UNDERWATER ADVENTURE.

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VIO H2O Waterproof Pouch for POV Cameras

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Product Description

Get AMAZING underwater action sports video now with the POV H2O POUCH. Suit up your VIO camera with this slick Aqua Pack and take it surfing, snorkeling, kite surfing, white water kayaking or rafting. The POV H2O Pouch, built by one of the world's leading point of view camera manufacturer's is in demand and FINALLY HERE. Order it now and don't leave land without it.

Care Instructions:

  • Clean and inspect after every use.
  • Store your equipment in a cool, dry place.
  • Check all cables for cracks or exposed wires; if a cable is suspect, discard and replace.

  • Always replace frayed or damaged wires and broken plugs immediately.
  • Do not short-circuit the metal contacts of the battery pack.
  • Do not disassemble, deform, or reconstruct any part of the battery kit.


1. Open the end of the POV H2O Pouch by rotating the locking knobs to the open position (O).
2. Unscrew the top cap and remove the clear plastic valve cover and rubber insert.
3. Thread the AV cable through the top cap and out of the bottom of the POV H2O Pouch.
4. Connect the AV cable to the POV Recording unit and pull the recording unit into the bag. It is recommended that the LCD screen is visible on the side of the pouch with the V.I.O. logo.
5. Close the bag and set the locking knobs to closed ( C ).
6. Pull the AV cable through the bag completely and firmly.
7. Place the rubber insert and the plastic valve cover on the AV cable, between the Magnet Core and opening on the water bag.
8. Tighten the top cap on to the water bag opening. Be sure to have the Magnetic Core outside of the bag itself
9. Thread the belt through the side slits of the POV H2O Pouch, as well as the back flap on the pouch itself.

Make sure to wash the POV H2O Pouch if it has been used in Saltwater. Any rips or tears on the AV cable may result in water entering the recording unit.

Model #: POV162
Manufacturer's SKU: 162


UPC 854310001628
Manufacturer VIO
  • Bag Material: PVC
  • Depth rating: 3 meters for 2 hours
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