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VIO POV.HD Advanced Point of View 1080p HD Camera

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Tickety-Boo pretty much through and through Review by Rene Leroux
I've been using it motorcycle touring...great for taking still pics on the effect is a bit of a bummer though. Rugged affair holds up to wet weather. I use it hooked up to the bike battery; with the remote ty-wrapped to the left hand controls. Powered 24/7, it's a set it and forget it situation. Always available when u need it, I don't even need to fiddle with it when I start off. Decent quality at a decent price. I bought it for loop and to catch something that just happened. I'm happy. (Posted on 6/16/14)
Follow up review Review by Steve
Have had the camera for almost 5 months now and had the 1st camera and power hatch exchanged under warranty after first 2 weeks.

The main camera unit had a connection problem with the cable leading to the camera head and I'd lose the view on the camera screen indicating a loose connection. Same with the power hatch, found out one of the connectors were broken and loose.

Been using the second camera for close to 4.5 months daily and it is working flawlessly with the power hatch as well.

Tried plenty of different rechargeable batteries and can't go wrong with Sanyo Eneloops or the higher capacity Powerex AA batteries (personally have 8 AA of each brand). The Powerex batteries last 3 times longer than the rechargeable Energizers or Duracells I've used in the past and my Eneloops last twice as long as Energizers and Duracells.

Maybe POV cameras can think about providing the high quality Sanyos or Maha/Powerex type batteries because not too many Canadian dealers/suppliers exist for either batteries and I'm sure it'd draw business from flashoholics as well.

(Posted on 8/9/11)
Nice but Problematic Review by Brando
Everything you read about with the features are true. They're great. Crisp video, small camera head (which makes using it tactically all the more easier), lightweight, and plenty of features to make sure your video is going to turn out well.
However, ever since I've had this camera it's been in for repairs twice on the microphone on functioning. Personally I feel the mic is of low quality, but VIO has stated general reasons otherwise. To me sound makes a difference in a video I'm watching.
In conclusion, I think it's worth the risk to purchase and VIO has been very accommodating on repairing my device without hassles or questions. The end result has been very pleasing to me. (Posted on 5/7/11)
Very good system Review by Kryl
Well, it's a very very nice camera. Works flawlessly, excellent video quality.
You just enable loop and forward mode, and you forget it. As soon as you've done something worth saving, you press the remote tag button.

Unlike what VidTex said, most software (Adobe Premiere, FinalCut, for not naming them) have 29.97fps mode and not 30fps. So, VIO, please don't change this.

I agree with him about the extension cable stuff, but I'm pretty sure they are preparing something for the next months or so, since they used to have a tactical offering, where they had an extension cable. So if they are going to replace the POV 1.5 by POV.HD 1.5, they must provide an equivalent sometime in the future.

Anyway, I've no real use of the extension cable for now, and the quality/weight ratio is good so I bring my camera with me every day... who knows what'll happen!

(Posted on 3/17/11)
Perfect little camera Review by Steve
Had it shipped and received in just two days and excellent service from Point of view cameras. Would recommend going to a class 10 sdhc card for faster processing and saving/tagging as the provided class 6 is slow. Using a Sandisk extreme 3 card and it's flawless. Get rechargeable batteries asap because this camera burns through normal batteries like duracells in about an hour and I'd advise two sets of batteries. The 12 volt power hatch is kinda finicky for using in the car with more wires hanging around and when I go over bumpy roads the power hatch battery contacts inside the battery compartment jiggles around a little bit and I've lost power and have lost my recordings. Don't know if it's just my power hatch or not.

The 1080p and 142 degree field of view are worth the extra cost over the POV 1.5 camera. Night shots are okay mounted on the dash and can see the vehicle directly ahead of me. 5 out of 5 for the camera so far and 2 out of 5 for the power hatch. (Posted on 3/12/11)
Solid Camera, quite happy. Review by 100puhcent
Ive picked up the VIO HD as well, and have to say that Im pretty satisfied all around. Initially I was unhappy about the AA battery power, but Ive been getting quite good life out of them, so thats been great. Im using rechargeables anyway. The quality of the video is superb, and better than my other cam (last years Drift HD).

The best thing about this cam, is that you dont look like a total dork on the hill, because the lens is super low profile compared to having an entire camera on your head. Its cool because I can review footage ive just taken right away, instead of having to pull off my helmet to click through takes, which lets face it, Im just not going to do. Also, In my truck its easier to mount the VIO lens in tight spots, where you wouldnt have the option to mount a full camera. (Posted on 3/2/11)
Great system but has some significant flaws Review by VidTex
I have the V.I.O HD system and the improvements they made from the 1.5 are great. However, there are a few things that really disappointed me that others thinking about purchasing the system might want to know.

First, there is still some fisheye effect although maybe I need to play with it some more because it appears more on certain angles. Plus there is a black line on the left side of the video I've noticed as well. I have to adjust the picutre when editing.

Second, no extension cables? The old extension cables that went with the 1.5 don't work with the HD system. True a lot of us are using the camera at close range, but there are some creative situations where I could use an extension and now I can't because they don't produce any extension cables. C'mon VIO you guys should have done better. Now I gotta wait on the stuff I want to try because you didn't plan or deliberately decided it wasn't worth it to get the extension cables manufactured. Put your hand out for the ruler. You get a nun-slap for that one!

And the third disappointment is that 1080p30 is not really 30fps. It is 29.97. I use a variety of software for video organizing and editing and in Premiere the properties on the files straight from the SD card show 29.97 fps. I like to use FlipShare for quick looky-loos at what I've shot and it won't open the VIO HD files because the frame rate is not 30fps. Another slap boys! Not just because I can't do this but if it says on the menu it's 30fps, then it ought to be 30fps, not 29.97.

3 stars or 4? It's has such a lot of cool things going on, and overall I like it much better than the 1.5, but I'm gonna say 3 just because these things are pretty important to me. And VIO, please update your website. (Posted on 2/22/11)

7 Item(s)

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