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GoPro Digital HERO Wide

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GoPro Digital HERO Wide

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Which CAM to use Review by Fourwheelin
For this CAMERA to only record up to 55 mins using a 5mb card......and I have a tube type CAMERA that records the same amount of time.....mounts to Helment, Handlebars and cost only $57 from Sam's Club. Which do you think I prefer???!!! (Posted on 1/23/10)
Didnt work Review by John
I got this cam for christmas. I brought it to the mountain snowboarding 4 times so far. Each time I had a different problem. First time, not the right type of batteries. Second time, Memory card was to big. Third time, another problem with the memory card. The last time (today) I had a great powder day (60cms of fresh snow) I was hoping to get some good videos but one run when I got to the bottom and checked it it had turned itself off. So I changed the batteries and tried again, I think it might have worked that time. Then I did another run and it wouldnt start the video, it would only take pictures. It was on the video mode and I tried all sorts of other modes. I just got home hoping to watch the 1 video that did work and I plug the camera into the computer and it wont turn on now. I plug the memory card into my printer and it says memory card error. I am not happy with this cam, Im going to take it back and try a different kind.

(Posted on 1/16/10)
Awful Camera, Great Kid Toy for the Young But Not For Adults Shooting For Memories Review by Jim2U
Be smart and stay away from the Hero gopro. The 170 degree wide angle even in HD will make things distorted and un-viewable. The firmware and user interface is something out of the 80s and reminds me of my old commodore 64.
The lcd screen is tiny and almost unreadable. Figuring out the standard recording setting you have to walk thru a plethora of menu options to get to it and set before you can start recording. Great sealed case, I would just leave it in the display case it comes in because it will waste your time and money. The pictures are so bad it is hard to recognize that your were really at "this place."
The best review I have read stated it is like looking thru the wrong end of binoculars when viewing your videos.
The only thing I can find good about the camera (it looks like an old style camera not designed for action ----> see the design of vholdr contourHD.) is the lexan fiberglass casing in case you crash. Actually, destroying....well returning the camera is the best thing you can do or else your memories will be un-viewable.

Please see my review for the ContourHD. (Posted on 10/5/09)
Very good. So much fun. Review by Russ
This camera is very easy to use and so much fun. The footage is great and the wide angle lens makes for very sweet close-ups of the action. My only critique is that I can usually only get about 35-40 minutes of recording before the batteries die or the card fills up. *Do use lithium batteries as the conventional ones don't last as long and heat up the camera which causes fogging in the lens cover.* I will buy another one and have recommended it to many friends. Here is one of the videos that I shot with it. (Posted on 8/29/09)

4 Item(s)

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