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Camalapse Time Lapse Mount

Camalapse Time Lapse Mount

Product Review (submitted on January 15, 2012):
The Camalapse is basically a smooth running, horizontal wind-up kitchen timer with a tripod mount that does one full rotation in one hour. Combine this with the time lapse capabilities of the Hero2 and you can recreate those smooth pans of clouds rushing over a landscape. It is a clever solution and is light weight.

The Camalapse product video is deceptive. Camalapse only winds clockwise and rotates counterclockwise yet 2 of the 4 sample clips on their product video shows rotation of left to right. Camarush's response is that these clips were reversed in editing which won't do for many uses. For example, if you want to track the movement of the sun and clouds across the sky, you would have to orient the camera northward for a left to right rotation to work. When reversing the video sequence won't work, you have to suspend Camalapse and camera upside down and flip the video vertically (a Hero2 setting option or do it in editing). If you use a tripod that can invert the center shaft, you are limited to a rotational angle between the tripod legs. If your tripod can mount the center shaft horizontally, you can use enough mounts to rotate 90 degrees and suspend the Camalapse upside-down that way. You could also make a bar that threads into the top of a typical tripod that lets you offset the Camalapse enough to mount the camera upside down and suspend it. Just take care to not do this on a small tripod where you shift the weight to the tipping point. To prevent that, you could offset a longer bar to act as a counter balance.

My point is that they went to great lengths to exaggerate what the Camalapse can do without disclosing the limitation so I can't give them 5 stars.
1.563, 1.557, 0.006/39,