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GoPro Digital HERO Wide

GoPro Digital HERO Wide

Product Review (submitted on January 16, 2010):
I got this cam for christmas. I brought it to the mountain snowboarding 4 times so far. Each time I had a different problem. First time, not the right type of batteries. Second time, Memory card was to big. Third time, another problem with the memory card. The last time (today) I had a great powder day (60cms of fresh snow) I was hoping to get some good videos but one run when I got to the bottom and checked it it had turned itself off. So I changed the batteries and tried again, I think it might have worked that time. Then I did another run and it wouldnt start the video, it would only take pictures. It was on the video mode and I tried all sorts of other modes. I just got home hoping to watch the 1 video that did work and I plug the camera into the computer and it wont turn on now. I plug the memory card into my printer and it says memory card error. I am not happy with this cam, Im going to take it back and try a different kind.

1.587, 1.58, 0.007/40,