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GoPro Helmet HERO Wide

GoPro Helmet HERO Wide

Product Review (submitted on July 29, 2009):
We bought two in April 2009 for use on our whitewater rafting trips. Easy to use. Battery life seems OK as we can fill the 2G card before power runs out....and that is with a lot of stop and go filming
Good, not excellent video. Sound is pretty immediate area only. Can't really hear voices (other than screams :) ) from five feet in front over the crashing boils..... in calm waters, mic picks up more. Download to the computer for 1 hour of video takes at least 30 minutes over the USB.
All that being sad,,, HUGE thumbs up for this product. Makes lasting memories.

PS, I came back to this web site to buy a third to use as a gift to the guys that got us started with waterwater rafting. If you are reading this Mark,,, I,,, errr,,,uuhhmmmmm.... mean someone else.
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