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GoPro HD Helmet HERO

GoPro HD Helmet HERO

Product Review (submitted on March 9, 2010):
Got mine for a trip to Colorado to go skiing. Have now 4 days on four separate mountains, best gadget I have ever bought. No complaints at all, no viewfinder? who cares, you point in the general direction and the wide angle lens picks up.
Battery? I got an extra with my megapack, 2.5 hours filming no problem with space on the 16GB card it came with, thing rocks!! litterally just freaking rocks!!

If you are ever stopped at the side of the ski run with cold hands filming your buddies by one.

if you are always saying ah crap that was awesome wish we had filmed it.. buy one.

Litterally just buy one. Also youtube: pickadolla007 watch what hes done with his camera, mounting the camera on a stick and film yourself and your buddies, bloody brilliant, works way better than you could ever imagine and you need approx 3' of stick to mount the thing on to get yourself in frame with your board and the run.

WICKED TOY!!! buy one now!

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