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XSories Hooded Silicone Cover for GoPro HD

XSories Hooded Silicone Cover for GoPro HD

Product Review (submitted on May 13, 2012):
Recently I purchased the XSories Hooded Silicon Cover to integrate with the GoPro Hero2 camera w/ LCD Backpack.

I work as an off-road & snowmobile mountain guide & marketing manager, ski patrol member and R&D test rider for various product lines; so each and every day is another adventure waiting to be filmed... When I leave in the mornings, I always check for the basics: keys, wallet, phone, GoPro camera. These days, my GoPro unit doesn't leave the house unless the XSories Hood is on it.

The cover provides extra thermal protection & consequential extended battery life on my cold days in the snow; dust & impact protection from drops, rocks & machine vibration and best of all, I am able to view the LCD screen with ease in the brilliant sunshine we get all year long in the Nor Cal & Nev mountains.

The silicon material used in the making of this product is incredibly resilient to pulling, stretching and tearing. I does take a bit of a stretch to get it over the multiple angles and edges of the GoPro camera/LCD Backpack combination, but it always goes on and never rips! Keep in mind this does make it a slightly more laborious task of getting back in to change batteries, SD's and downloading. It also washes up easy in the sink with a little soap and water if you get down and dirty with your filming.

Another little side benefit is the how much of a conversation piece it has become; everyone asks what kind of camera it is, where do you get it, etc. etc. (don't worry guys, I send them directly to your site every time!) I opted for the Henry Ford black cover; it makes the whole set-up look super-stealth and high-end. Coupled with the GoPole Grenade Grip, this makes your GoPro HD a powerful tool to throw in your pack for the day and bring your adventures back home to the world!

Get it today, don't let your GoPro camera GoNaked anymore!
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