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Liquid Image Swim Mask Explorer Series 302

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Liquid Image Explorer Series Digital Camera Swim Mask + 2GB Memory

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Does not work Review by Alloalbert
The camera takes pictures and films but they all are black on the screen. It is possible that the shutter never opens.
I bought this camera at the airport in Paris and unfortunately cannot return it.
(Posted on 7/20/11)
Needs a lot of work Review by John
If you are a spearfisherman ... I wouldn't suggest using this camera. The point of view will have your footage looking at the back 8 inches of your gun while your aiming down the shaft.I have the HD320 mask. The two crosshairs are annoying as hell. The ease of use is really nice, I just don't think the developer had spero's in mind when he made this. The mask is a narrow view, high volume mask that was built for the reef ... not spearfishing. I was soo excited to see the outcome of 3 days of excellent spearfishing footage ... only to find out that not a single shot was viewed properly so you never saw my target . I was very dissapointed. Vid quality was ok. Editing program it comes with isn't bad . The camera has the right idea... just needs a lot of work before it goes on the spearfishing market. (Posted on 1/14/10)
Use soap to prevent fogging Review by Rick
I have used my mask many times in the Carribean and it works great. Use a little dish soap or shampoo on the lenses and rinse well. The mask stays clear for about 40 minutes. Avoid keeping the mask on your forehead before beginning snorkelling. This causes fogging.
The head strap seems to loosen easy or is simply too big. I swapped it with the head strap from another mask and it works great.
Excellent product. How can I buy shares in the company? (Posted on 1/10/10)
Fun and functional-not just a novelty! Review by Bubba
I used the mask snorkeling in Florida. The pictures look great! You are only limited by the water clarity. 5mp is awesome for an entry-level mask like this. The camera works dry as well as underwater, so you can take pictures of the family before and after the dive, or wildlife or whatever! I took the mask down to about 20 feet, or so, and didn't have any problems with leaking.

I won't give it a 5 because there were a few things that I think could be better. The LED indicator is not easily seen while wearing the mask (very unfortunate), so i was never sure what mode i was in-photo or video. The half-meter focal distance is a bit long for a snorkeling mask, and the lenses did fog up more than conventional masks I have used in the past. Finally, the crosshairs on the lenses designed for framing your shot take a lot of getting used to, because the shot taken does not actually line up right between the crosshairs.

With all that having been said, I really like the mask and recommend it for anybody who is going to snorkel. It is convenient, takes good pictures, keeps your hands free and keeps the water out of your eyes! (Posted on 8/7/09)
Nice to have; but a waterproof camera works better Review by DV88
- It's great for a swimming pool or a shallow (very shallow) reef. Any other conditions, just cross your fingers that nothing pops.
- The indicator light is hard to see when the thing is on/off.

Editors note: We recommend the Liquid Image 310 or 320 models for diving applications. The 310 is good to 33 ft (10 m) and the 320 model is certified up to a depth rating of 115 ft (35 m) (Posted on 6/12/09)
A lot of fun on the beach. Review by Thatonegoodman
Took this mask to the Caribbean and had a lot of fun. Easy to download the pics and vids, even to the photo station on the cruise ship where I checked my results daily. I had no problems with water seeping in where it shouldn't be. It would be improved by providing a better seal. I have other masks with a pressure valve under the nose, that would help. I also had problems with the mask fogging up more than other masks I have used under the same conditions? What about a snorkel keeper? I had trouble determining if I was... on or off, ... in picture mode or video mode. These indicators could be more obvious. Thanks, great idea, I enjoyed it a lot. (Posted on 6/5/09)
Well made, does what it's designed to do and is great fun Review by Meany-head father
I purchased the liquid image mask for xmas for my 8yr old daughter and tried it today for the first time, after installing some memory. Overall it's well constructed and for what it's designed to do it does it well. The images were clear and easy to create, even for a first-time underwater shooter like myself.

Only a few minor gripes, largely through the eyes of someone wanting more from a surface mask:

1. The indicator light is not always visible or is hard to see underwater
2. The strap tends to loosen when putting the mask on
3. The mask tends to fog up more than normal (after applying saliva then rinsing)
4. I didn't see it anywhere in the instructions (and it may well be), but 3 quick audible beeps while pressing the record/shutter button indicates the memory is full
5. The video frame rate is a bit jerky (slow)
6. A CCD rather than CMOS would be more suited to underwater lighting conditions especially when shooting videos (and allows a higher frame rate)
7. The power and shutter/shoot buttons should be well separated, preferably with the power button on the left and shutter/shoot button on the right.
8. The built-in memory cannot be accessed if a memory card is installed
9. 5 metres is a little shallow, even for snorkeling, so you're often afraid to go to depths you normally would which is easy to forget, and thus you can feel quite limited. Can't wait to see the 35m model, though

Yes, the poor girl eventually got to use the mask! (Posted on 1/4/09)
Must Buy! Review by G
My sun got this for his B-day and it is amazing the photos are great and he has no problem doing it on his one and he's 10! Easy to download pics to computer Great buy Highly recommend it! (Posted on 12/16/08)
good !!! Review by lego fan

ive got one there cool but it isn't hands free for the shutter which is kind of annoying !!!

still like it tho,


lego fan (mr s) (Posted on 12/12/08)
IT´S LOOK LIKE THIRD EYE OF YOUR OWN. Review by abu anakpulau

nice to have one! (Posted on 10/26/08)

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