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Liquid Image Explorer Series Digital Camera Swim Mask + 2GB Memory

Liquid Image Explorer Series Digital Camera Swim Mask + 2GB Memory

Product Review (submitted on August 7, 2009):
I used the mask snorkeling in Florida. The pictures look great! You are only limited by the water clarity. 5mp is awesome for an entry-level mask like this. The camera works dry as well as underwater, so you can take pictures of the family before and after the dive, or wildlife or whatever! I took the mask down to about 20 feet, or so, and didn't have any problems with leaking.

I won't give it a 5 because there were a few things that I think could be better. The LED indicator is not easily seen while wearing the mask (very unfortunate), so i was never sure what mode i was in-photo or video. The half-meter focal distance is a bit long for a snorkeling mask, and the lenses did fog up more than conventional masks I have used in the past. Finally, the crosshairs on the lenses designed for framing your shot take a lot of getting used to, because the shot taken does not actually line up right between the crosshairs.

With all that having been said, I really like the mask and recommend it for anybody who is going to snorkel. It is convenient, takes good pictures, keeps your hands free and keeps the water out of your eyes!
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