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Liquid Image Scuba Series (Large)

Liquid Image Scuba Series (Large)

Product Review (submitted on January 1, 2010):
I just used this for the first time in a Pennsylvania quarry. I turned it on before entering the water, and turned it off after I got out almost an hour later. The video quality is very good, and it picks up audio well. The images are clear, and should be since it's advertised as high definition.

Being this is a first edition (I hope they make some improvements in the next generation, so lets be optimistic), I hope a few changes are made in the next version. First, when seating the mask skirt under a hood, it is very easy to hit the button to change it from video to still image (or reverse), and it can be accidentally shut off. There is a blue or red light (depending whether you are shooting video or still images) that is difficult to see while wearing the mask. It is visible, just not clearly. It would be nice if there was a clear display a little lower. Also, each time I exhaled, the bubbles caused the mask and camera to shake, which is clearly visible in the video. As for the scope of view, the camera seems to be shooting higher than most divers are really looking. When checking my computer, all you see is the top of my console or computer. It would be nice if the camera was even a little adjustable, so it can be tilted up or down depending on what the user is doing.

Overall, I'd say this is a hit! Even if there are a few negatives, I was really happy with this mask. I took it to 75' (not deep) for 49 minutes in 45 degree water, and it recorded the entire dive. I can't wait to use it off the Jersey shore for some wreck diving. Now if you can make one to go a little deeper!
1.636, 1.621, 0.015/38,