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Oregon Scientific ATC9K

Oregon Scientific ATC9K

Product Review (submitted on November 23, 2010):

Help from Oregon scientific is none existant...its a premium rate number and nobody at the other end of the phone line knows anything....I asked these questions
1 why does my camera mount keep breaking because its not be used unreasonably roughly answer..... (dont know )
2 Where can I buy a new mount in the uk if you are not going to replace it FOC......answer .....( dont know )
3 What editing program can I use on a windows system so I dont have to keep converting all my files .... ( Dont know )
I can not believe how bad the back up service is with this company I spoke to a guy Called Ty Faruki on the help desk who was going to get the answers and email the answers 3 weeks ago despite me ringing and emailing every few days since my first call no answers or contact has been made from them.....I think my next step is going to trading standards as the mounting system on this Camera is
(Not fit for purpose ) its a pity such a great little camera is let down by such a major flaw
0.126, 0.121, 0.005/38,