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Pivothead Durango Series

Pivothead Durango Series

Product Review (submitted on August 5, 2012):
Consider this review as part 1:

Bought these for taking photos while rock climbing. The main challenge is that right out of the box, they don't work. These three lights flash on the side, and nothing else. I can understand how a product can not work after a while, but if they turn them on once in the factory and don't work, that would have caught these glasses before being shipped to me. I emailed Pivothead and they seem nice enough and want to help. They just don't know what the problem is. After I submitted my questions, they uploaded a flurry of new downloads to their support page, to help with firmware upgrades. Either they are really trying to help me or there is a widespread problem and the firmware downloads are an attempt to help a whole group of customers. Not sure.

I look forward to reviewing the actual product when/if it works. Part 2 review from me will depend greatly on how things go from here. I have never had to ship something back to a company but I'm already annoyed at the idea of having to box and lineup at the post office. If only they just turned them on once at the exit from the assembly line....all this time (mine and theirs) would not have been wasted.

stay tuned,

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