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Universal USB AC & Car Combo Charger

Universal USB AC & Car Combo Charger

Product Review (submitted on June 23, 2011):
This charger cannot be plugged on a dual 120V outlet with anything else, because of the protruding 12V connector on one side, and the USB cable on the other. 90% of the outlets I'd like to use already have something plugged-in, so it is a pain point. Used only in a car, the 120V prong rotates inside.

A more severe problem, at least for me, is that when plugged in a 120V outlet, the touchscreen of my cellphone just stops working. I own a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, and it took me a while to figure that the charger is not completely bad; it works well only in the car. I suppose it is injecting interference on the USB cable. By looking up the model number, I even found a post from a guy experiencing wireless interference with his equipment.

So that's two reasons to keep that charger in your car, not in your home. Touchscreen cellphones being what they are, this will save you from a drained battery, but keep looking for other chargers, as this is likely to leave you unsatisfied.
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