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VholdR ContourHD Camera

VholdR ContourHD Camera

Product Review (submitted on June 26, 2009):
The video quality is great! So smooth, clear and crisp! It's easy to operate and is so light you don't even know it's there. The sound is still a problem when it's windy or when you get on the open road but on tight trails or when not moving, the sound is great. I attached a piece of foam with 2-sided tape (with small hole so not to cover the mic hole with tape) and it drastically reduced the wind noise. It also made the wind noise more of a low muffle instead of the loud sharp "crackling", which I find offensive to the ears.

If I was to use the stick-on mount, I would attach the tether to the helmet, and not the stick-on mount so you don't end up like the guy in the first review. I used the goggle mount and found it to work pretty good. They should have shaped both mounts to fit the curvature of helmets tho. I stuck some rubber on the ends (helmet side) of the goggle mount to make it contoured to sits firmly on the helmet without chance of movement or "rocking". This worked very well.

I have used the camera 4 times now and I'm very happy with it. One ride we were caught in a BIG rainstorm and the ContourHD worked well. No ill effects from all the water and when the picture was obscured by a raindrop, it cleared within 5-10 seconds.

I use a Transcend 16GB micro SDHC class 6 memory card. The only thing to remember is to power the ContourHD ON, prior to connecting it to your PC. Otherwise, it won't recognize the camera on the PC.

I completely endorse this helmet camera and for the money, you cant beat the quality. PLUS: NO WIRES!!! I think if VholdR spends a little time on their mounting systems, and offered a optional clear lens protector that could be easily replaced when scratched, or damaged, I would be completely satisfied with this product. If not for the mounting issues, I would give the ContourHD a 5 out of 5!
0.178, 0.172, 0.006/38,