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Product Review (submitted on August 9, 2011):
Have had the camera for almost 5 months now and had the 1st camera and power hatch exchanged under warranty after first 2 weeks.

The main camera unit had a connection problem with the cable leading to the camera head and I'd lose the view on the camera screen indicating a loose connection. Same with the power hatch, found out one of the connectors were broken and loose.

Been using the second camera for close to 4.5 months daily and it is working flawlessly with the power hatch as well.

Tried plenty of different rechargeable batteries and can't go wrong with Sanyo Eneloops or the higher capacity Powerex AA batteries (personally have 8 AA of each brand). The Powerex batteries last 3 times longer than the rechargeable Energizers or Duracells I've used in the past and my Eneloops last twice as long as Energizers and Duracells.

Maybe POV cameras can think about providing the high quality Sanyos or Maha/Powerex type batteries because not too many Canadian dealers/suppliers exist for either batteries and I'm sure it'd draw business from flashoholics as well.

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