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Product Review (submitted on February 22, 2011):
I have the V.I.O HD system and the improvements they made from the 1.5 are great. However, there are a few things that really disappointed me that others thinking about purchasing the system might want to know.

First, there is still some fisheye effect although maybe I need to play with it some more because it appears more on certain angles. Plus there is a black line on the left side of the video I've noticed as well. I have to adjust the picutre when editing.

Second, no extension cables? The old extension cables that went with the 1.5 don't work with the HD system. True a lot of us are using the camera at close range, but there are some creative situations where I could use an extension and now I can't because they don't produce any extension cables. C'mon VIO you guys should have done better. Now I gotta wait on the stuff I want to try because you didn't plan or deliberately decided it wasn't worth it to get the extension cables manufactured. Put your hand out for the ruler. You get a nun-slap for that one!

And the third disappointment is that 1080p30 is not really 30fps. It is 29.97. I use a variety of software for video organizing and editing and in Premiere the properties on the files straight from the SD card show 29.97 fps. I like to use FlipShare for quick looky-loos at what I've shot and it won't open the VIO HD files because the frame rate is not 30fps. Another slap boys! Not just because I can't do this but if it says on the menu it's 30fps, then it ought to be 30fps, not 29.97.

3 stars or 4? It's has such a lot of cool things going on, and overall I like it much better than the 1.5, but I'm gonna say 3 just because these things are pretty important to me. And VIO, please update your website.
0.271, 0.265, 0.006/38,