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Product Review (submitted on March 2, 2011):
Ive picked up the VIO HD as well, and have to say that Im pretty satisfied all around. Initially I was unhappy about the AA battery power, but Ive been getting quite good life out of them, so thats been great. Im using rechargeables anyway. The quality of the video is superb, and better than my other cam (last years Drift HD).

The best thing about this cam, is that you dont look like a total dork on the hill, because the lens is super low profile compared to having an entire camera on your head. Its cool because I can review footage ive just taken right away, instead of having to pull off my helmet to click through takes, which lets face it, Im just not going to do. Also, In my truck its easier to mount the VIO lens in tight spots, where you wouldnt have the option to mount a full camera.
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