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Product Review (submitted on March 17, 2011):
Well, it's a very very nice camera. Works flawlessly, excellent video quality.
You just enable loop and forward mode, and you forget it. As soon as you've done something worth saving, you press the remote tag button.

Unlike what VidTex said, most software (Adobe Premiere, FinalCut, for not naming them) have 29.97fps mode and not 30fps. So, VIO, please don't change this.

I agree with him about the extension cable stuff, but I'm pretty sure they are preparing something for the next months or so, since they used to have a tactical offering, where they had an extension cable. So if they are going to replace the POV 1.5 by POV.HD 1.5, they must provide an equivalent sometime in the future.

Anyway, I've no real use of the extension cable for now, and the quality/weight ratio is good so I bring my camera with me every day... who knows what'll happen!

0.276, 0.27, 0.006/38,