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RoadHawk Digital Driver Protection System with GPS

Unlike other in-car black box camera systems, the RoadHawk units such as the DC-1 continually record video and GPS data on a loop on to a solid state SD memory card. A single memory card can hold several days of information that can be used in evidence should a court case occur. Protect yourself against increasing crash for cash fraudulent claims.

Product #: DC-1

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Estimated availability in early Fall 2013.

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RoadHawk Digital Driver Protection System

Product Description

RoadHawk Digital Driver Protection System

The DC-1 is a car black box video recorder. It records video and audio on a constant loop and stores it on a standard SD memory card. This camera is fitted with a 3D sensor which measures G-force and will detect an impact. In the event of a collision, harsh braking or acceleration the DC-1 will save a 20 second clip (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the incident) as an "event". The supplied 4gb card can hold over 200 "events"

The RoadHawk DC-1 vehicle drive recorder captures video, audio (can be disabled) G-Force and GPS data whilst you are driving. Using the supplied software you can play back the video files and see the exact vehicle speed, direction and position overlayed on to Google Maps.

Everything you need is supplied in the box and fitting this camera to your car is as easy as most portable Sat Nav devices. Simply mount the camera on your windshield facing forwards and plug it in to your 12V or 24V socket.

A 16' (5m) power cable and cable clips are supplied so you can make a nice, tidy install with the cable routed around the screen - out of view.

The 4GB SD Card supplied with the DC-1 will hold around 6 hours of video on a loop. You can expand this up to 32gb for a total of 48 hours record time.

Key Features:

  • Makes .MP4 video files that can be played on just about any computer
  • Really easy to use PC software supplied for viewing speed and mapping data
  • Uses a new WDR camera for better quality video and better low light stability
  • Has a parking mode for surveillance when the vehicle is parked (requires permanent live connection)
  • Emergency button for manually creating "event" video clips
  • Has a basic photo mode
  • RoadHawks are already being used by insurance companies and large fleet operators to cut litigation costs

What's Included:

  • [1] RoadHawk DC-1 Camera
  • [1] 16' (5m) Power Cable
  • [1] Adhesive Mount
  • [5] Cable Clips
  • [1] 4GB SD Card
  • PC Viewer Software


UPC 8809199664107
Manufacturer RoadHawk
Optics Angle of View 125° Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Sensor: 1.3MP CMOS
Video Resolution: 640x480 @ 30fps
Video Format: .MP4
Audio Voice Recording: Internal Mic (can be disabled)
GPS GPS Module: Internal GPS module and antenna
G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor (Collision, Q-Break, Q-accel detection)
Storage External Memory: SD Card (min. 512mb, max. 32GB SDHC)
Average Recording Time: 90min/GB
Power DC: 12-24V, 5V, 300mA
Additional Information Dimensions (L x D): 4.8" x 2.8" x 1.2" (122mm x 71mm x 30mm)
Weight: 3.5oz / 98 grams
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Made in Korea



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