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  1. GoPole Venture Case for GoPro HERO Cameras

    GoPole Venture Case

    On Sale For: $39.99

    This weather resistant soft case can store up to 2 GoPro HERO cameras and still leaves room for additional mounts and accessories.

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  2. GoPole Reach

    GoPole REACH

    Regular Price: $54.99

    Special Price: $44.99

    You Save: $10.00 (18%)

    Introducing GoPole's first telescoping extension pole, the GoPole REACH. Designed from the ground up for use with all GoPro HERO Cameras, GoPole REACH extends from 17" up to 40" (43-101cm).

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  3. GoPole Lenspen Compact Lens Cleaner

    GoPole Lenspen Compact Lens Cleaner

    On Sale For: $14.99

    Clean your GoPro lens safely, easily and quickly with the GoPole Lenspen. The invisible cleaning compound removes fingerprints, dust and blemishes. First, clean your lens with flexible chamois cleaning tip, then simply wipe away excess with the retractable ultra fine brush.

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  4. GoPole Hi-Torque Thumbscrews

    GoPole Hi-Torque Thumbscrews for GoPro HERO

    On Sale For: $14.99

    The unique L-shape design of the GoPole Hi-Torque Thumbscrews give you more leverage, allowing you to secure your GoPro® tighter & stronger. Multiple colors give your setup a custom and personalized look.

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  5. GoPole Grenade Grip with GoPro HD HERO

    GoPole Grenade Grip Compact GoPro Handle

    On Sale For: $22.99

    The Grenade Grip is the newest edition to the GoPole line. Great to throw in your pocket or bag for the day. Handles are a great way to steady your filming and pictures - The Grenade grip simply does it best.

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