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  1. GoPro Digital HERO Wide

    GoPro Digital HERO Wide

    170 Degree, 5 megapixel wearable camera for all sports. Convenient, versatile design simplifies capturing on the fly videos and photos during your favorite activity.

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  2. GoPro Helmet HERO Wide

    GoPro Helmet HERO Wide

    The new 5 megapixel Helmet HERO Wide wearable sports camera. 5MP sensor, still photo, mega-wide 170 degree lens.
    Shoots 56 minutes of video and 5MP photos, automatically.
    Quick-release mounts to any helmet, bike, boat, skate, or other gear you can think of. Waterproof to 100'/30m.

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  3. GoPro Motorsports HERO Wide

    GoPro Motorsports HERO Wide

    The Motorsports HERO Wide is a waterproof wireless digital video camera for motorsports. Simple quick-release mounting for your car, motorcycle, etc. Developed at the track, the camera shoots 30 fps wide angle video with sound tuned to capture the grunt, squeal, and stoke of driving or riding at the limit. Take still photos every 2 seconds. Record 2 hours of video on 2 AAA batteries. Waterproof up to 100 feet.

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  4. GoPro Surf HERO Wide

    GoPro Surf HERO Wide

    The new 5 megapixel, 170 degree Wide Angle lens GoPro SURF HERO surf board mountable camera. Capture 56 minutes of video and automatic photos of yourself surfing in any conditions on the included 4GB SD Card. Expandable up to 224 minutes on an 8GB SD Card with the optional Firmware Upgrade. Free and Available Now!
    Waterproof to 100'/30m.

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  5. Hoyttech HCR-100X DVR and Camera Heady

    Hoyt Tech HCR-100X

    The new Hoyt Tech HCR-100X POV Camera has a CCD Image Sensor, Interchangeable Lenses, Small & Light, 8 GB Memory capacity.

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  6. vholdr front view

    Twenty20 VholdR Camera

    The VHoldR is a great all-in-one helmet camera, simple to operate with user friendly design, incredibly light.Get on top of your shot with laser sharp aim! You'll know exactly what you're shooting , when you want to shoot it with VHoldR's unique feature: dual laser beams.

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