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Iphone 5 Steadicam

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  1. Steadicam Smoothee Mount for iPhone 5

    Steadicam Smoothee Mount for iPhone 5

    On Sale For: $24.99

    Designed to fit The Apple iPhone 5. This iPhone Mount is made for use with the Steadicam Smoothee. a lightweight, agile, and easy to use mount that features an innovative, patented design built around a durable mono-frame metal structure that requires no complicated instructions to begin using.

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  2. Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 5

    Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 5

    Regular Price: $169.00

    Special Price: $149.00

    You Save: $20.00 (12%)

    The Steadicam Smoothee With iPhone 5 Mount takes the same technology of expensive Hollywood Steadicam rigs and shrinks it down to the perfect size for home and vacation use. Simply snap your iPhone 5 into the specially designed mount, grip the handle, and float your camera smoothly and effortlessly through the air.

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